While the area we live in is more on the dry side, your home may still be at risk of having high moisture levels and even water damage. As you may know, that creates the perfect conditions for mold to develop, ruin your home, affect your health, and more. To help you thwart the unwanted consequences of having a lot of humidity at home, the following post will give you a few tips.

How to Decrease the Moisture Levels in Your Home with Tips from the Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Tucson

Keep Your Home in Top Condition

An unkempt home is more likely to have high humidity levels and develop nasty mold. For that reason, it's important that you maintain your home as best as you can. For instance, clean it often, and repair any leaks, cracks, gutters, clogged drains, and other sources of standstill water that could worsen your home's condition and its moisture levels.

Waterproof and Insulate Your Home

"When it rains, it pours". While rain may not be the biggest problem in this area, if you don't want that pouring rain to come into your home and affect it and your family, you should take some precautions. For instance, waterproofing your roof, and insulating your windows and doors, can be of great help in decreasing the moisture in your home.

Keep Air Circulating Through Your Home

Humidity can accumulate in your home when there's no ventilation in it. That's why, one of the easiest ways to keep it away is to just open your windows and doors whenever possible. You can also turn on fans and the AC system (in case you have one), to keep the air circulating through your home and reducing the humidity in it.

Take Care of Small Spaces

It's probable that your humidity problem is bigger in small spaces. For example, it's not uncommon for clothing in drawers or closets to have a humid scent since there's not much ventilation going on in there. To absorb the excess moisture in the air, make small mesh balls with uncooked rice in them and stick them in those spaces. Replace them every so often.

Use Baking Soda on Your Fabrics

As mentioned above, high moisture content in the air can leave a very distinct humid scent behind. However, if that odor has penetrated your upholstery, carpeted floors, and other fabrics that can't be easily washed, you can make use of baking soda to get rid of the extra humidity that might have gotten trapped between the fibers. Sprinkle a generous amount and let it act for about an hour before vacuuming it. Remember that if your carpeting and upholstery has a horrid scent that won't go away, or mold is developing in them, you can contact Cleanpro at 520.975.3172 for professional carpet cleaning in Tucson.

Don't Install a Carpet in Humid Places

In every home, there are places that are more prone to high moisture than others. For example, your bathroom, basement, and attic are the ones that are most at risk. So, if you don't want to make the humidity in them worse, don't install carpets in those places. Doing so will likely lead to carpet mold, which is costly to repair and very annoying.

Keep Your Home as Dry as Possible

Needless to say, if you want your home to have low moisture levels in the air, you need to keep it dry. This means tending to any spills right away and drying them off effectively. Also, avoid condensation as much as possible. For example, you can take shorter, colder showers to lower the humidity. Likewise, pat your bathroom dry when you step out of the shower.

Consider Investing in a Good Dehumidifier

As a last tip to keep humidity from being an annoyance at home, we recommend that you consider buying a dehumidifier. While this can be quite an investment, it will do a good job at lowering the amount of moisture in the air. As you can imagine, this can result in improved air quality in your home, which in turn can lead to better health in your family.

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