Stay cool this summer without breaking the bank! Read and follow the tips Tucson Cleanpro has put together for you to lower the temperature in your home during the hotter months. 

How to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

When the unbearable summer months come to Tucson, we all do that we can to escape the heat as much as possible. However, doing so may be a very expensive endeavor, since blasting the AC all day long can increase the electric bill tremendously. That's why, if you want to remain cool at home this summer without spending every last dime to your name, you should follow the tips below.

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Have Your AC System Professionally Inspected

Your Air Conditioning System can be your saving grace when the summer temperatures get way up there. Still, if you want it to continue working perfectly (and you want to have a lower electric bill), you need to provide the required maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to have a professional look at it and fine tune it at least once a year. Do so before you beginning running yours this summer to ensure you'll stay cool at home.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans

It may not seem like it, but during certain times of the day, you may be able to get away with just turning your ceiling fans on to keep your home cool. You could use them as a source of fresh air late at night or early in the morning before the sun starts beaming down on your home. This way, you'll avoid overusing your AC System which, as you can imagine, will result in cheaper utility fees for your home.

Take Care of Your Windows and How You Use Them

When used correctly, your windows can help you keep your place at a much lower temperature. For that to be possible, however, you first need to realize that your windows could be making your home hotter (since they allow heat and the sunshine in, and cool air can escape through them). To optimize them effectively for the summer months, install shades that can block the sunlight out whenever needed. Likewise, inspect your windows' perimeters for any leaks. Be sure to seal them if you find any. Now, if you want to use your windows correctly, remember to always keep them closed when the AC is on since the cool air can get out. As mentioned above, if you'd like to avoid using the AC from time to time, your windows can help you: open them up during the nighttime to allow the night-breeze in and use the fans to maximize that air.

Give Your Carpeted Floors and Upholstery a Deep Clean

One of the worst things about summer is when the air feels stuffy and hot. Unfortunately, your upholstery and carpeted floors may be contributing to that environment due to the dirt, dust, and other kinds of filth that get trapped in their inner layers (where no amount of vacuuming will get them out). In those cases, your best bet is to call a professional team, such as Tucson Cleanpro to help make your carpets, upholstery, and home feel fresher.

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Use Cooler Lights

You may not believe it, but the type of lighting you use around your house can make it feel cooler or hotter. But it's true: if you have yellowish lights (also known as "warm" lights), you will experience an increase in your home's temperature. On the contrary, if you opt for "cool" white/blue lights, your whole house's temperature can lower. So, needless to say, if you want to be able to bear the heat in your home, opt for cooler lights.

Keep Plants Around the House

A final, easy, green, lovely, stylish, and economic tip to make your house decrease its temperature during the hot summer months is to keep plants around. This is because, when they transpire, they lose water, making the air around them cooler and fresher. If you are unsure of what plants you should get, however, worry not. Simplemost recommends investing in ferns, aloe veras, ficus trees, areca palm trees, snake plants, and golden pothos for the best results.

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