Suede furniture can be very special. However, it can also be a pain to maintain. To ensure your suede upholstery stays in mint shape for a long time, follow the tips in this post by Tucson Cleanpro.

How to Properly Care for Suede Upholstery

Suede upholstery can give your home a sophisticated look, as well as a cozy vibe. Still, having suede furniture requires some serious commitment, as it is not the easiest fabric to maintain. If you want to ensure your suede furniture stays in perfect condition for longer, follow the tips below.

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Prevent Mishaps and Damage to Keep Your Suede in Perfect Shape

The easiest way to keep your suede in mint condition and clean is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. To that end, it's necessary that you take a few steps, such as the following:
  • Establish some rules regarding your suede furniture and make sure that every member of your family follows through with them. For example, there shouldn't be any shoes, pets, or eating on top of your upholstery.
  • Another thing you can do is help your suede stand a chance against stains and water by spraying them with repellents that can diminish the effects of any stainful substance that may get to them.
  • You can also employ pillows or throws to cover your suede upholstery, and keep it from getting dirty. These are easier to clean and they can add style to your home.
  • Lastly, ensure your suede furniture stays intact by keeping it away from direct sunlight. This is because the sun can actually discolor it after some time.

Care for Your Suede Appropriately to Extend Its Lifespan

While preventing issues with your suede is a very smart way to keep it in mint condition, it also requires constant care and regular maintenance to stay in perfect shape. Moreover, if you're diligent with the following care instructions, it's highly likely that your suede upholstery will remain good as new for years to come.
  • First of all, to care for your suede furniture, you need to create a cleaning schedule for it. In it, you should include a weekly cleaning session for your upholstery, so that you can remove as much filth as you can from it. Be sure to keep up with your schedule to maintain your suede properly.
  • It's also necessary that you get a special brush to brush your suede with. With it, you will have to gently scrape any hairs or dirt that may be stuck to your suede. Giving your upholstery a thorough brush every so often will keep it looking great.
  • Lastly, your scheduled weekly cleaning should include a careful vacuuming, since it is the best way to lift any gunk that may be trapped in your upholstery. While you go through it, remember to be gentle, to go slowly, to use the right attachments, and to lift all of the cushions and reach every fold to get the dust that's in them.

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React to Messes in a Prompt and Appropriate Way

Lastly, no matter how careful you are, how many rules you establish regarding your suede furniture, or how much effort you put into maintaining it perfectly, it's likely that your upholstery will get messy at some point (be it from a spill, or another mishap). In those cases, it's imperative that you react appropriately and promptly if you want to save your suede from definite doom. To that end, you should do the following:
  • Grab a clean towel and start blotting the spilled substance to absorb as much of it as you can. While you go about it, avoid scrubbing the surface, as this will only result in the stain sinking deeper into your precious fabric.
  • You should also avoid using a lot of moisture when working on a spill, as the water can actually damage the suede and leave a stain behind.
  • Last but not least, make sure that your upholstery dries thoroughly before you start using it again. This is because if it's damp for a long time, it may develop mold. Try to get as much ventilation to it as possible (you can turn on fans and/or open doors and windows) to help the drying process.

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