Making the Switch to an Eco-Friendly Carpet

Carpet is as beautiful as it is diverse- it comes in a wide variety of materials, textures and colours, but it can be a big source of waste as well. Indeed, many manufacturers apply contaminating chemicals to carpets, but should that deter you from getting one, or even a rug, altogether? Not necessarily. CleanPro Tucson suggests a green option: eco-friendly carpet. Eco-friendly carpet is usually made of natural, organic materials, and in some cases it also includes manmade fibers, like some kinds of nylon, that can be successfully recycled. Below are a few examples of said eco-friendly components:
  • Wool: Made from the fleece of animals like sheep, it can take colour very well and is abundant and luxurious, though it's expensive.
  • Jute: Made from the plant of jute, native to tropical regions, this fiber is very soft and durable.
  • Sisal: Also known as henequen, it's an agave fiber that can be weaved for very durable products, although it can be coarse to the touch.
  • Coir: A material that comes from the outer coconut husks, it's very wiry and works well for doormats.
  • Seagrass: Seagrass plants grow in marine, fully saline environments, and carpets of these fibers are smooth, very water resistant and economic, but don't dye easily.
  • Nylon and other sources: Nylon and other synthetic materials can be recycled into new carpets and rugs that can be, in turn, re-recycled into new products; plus, there are manufacturers that are beginning to use PET bottles and other plastic derivatives to create new materials for carpeting.
These and more eco-friendly options are being made available for everyone, so, when thinking carpet, there is no need for guilt or hesitation.

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