The hottest days of the year are soon approaching. Make sure you and your home are ready for them with this post from Cleanpro Tucson in Tucson, AZ.

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Warmer Weather

Hang Up the Lighter Curtains

When the weather outside is cold and unforgiving, the last thing you want is to open your windows or stand close to them. This is because some of the chill from outside can permeate through. The solution to this is to keep the windows closed and to hang thing curtains in front of them. But, as you can guess, once the temperature rises, this will only make your place hotter. This is why you need to hang up lighter curtains.

Get Your Fans' Blades Adjusted

If you want to save a bit of power and money on your electric bill during the intensely hot days of spring and summer, you can adjust the blades in your ceiling fans. Normally, they go clockwise. Still, if you make them turn counter-clockwise, you will make them tilt upwards and push the cold air down. As you can guess, this will help you have a cooler home.

Service Your Air Conditioning System

Out here in Tucson, having an AC system at home is a basic necessity. Still, for said air conditioner to work perfectly, keep your house cool, and use energy efficiently, it needs to be serviced with some regularity. And this is the perfect time to do it: a visit from a professional will help you be completely certain that all is working as it should and that you won't suffer from heat when you're inside.

Take Care of Your Carpeted Floors

Another part of your home that's important that you maintain is your carpeted floors. If they're dirty and housing dust and other kinds of allergens, you can bet that the warmer weather will be made even more unbearable. For that reason, it's imperative that you get a professional carpet cleaning team that can strip the damaging agents off of it and leave it fresh for the raise in temperatures.

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Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Tucson is a dry, dry place. Still, unusual as it may seem, it's been known to rain here from time to time. The wet season occurs during the summer months, which is why now is a good time to get your gutters and downspouts clean. As you know, debris, leaves, trash, dust and more can clog them up. Clean them up now so you can avoid water damage and mold development in your home.

Check Your Roof Thoroughly

And since you'll already be up there cleaning and unclogging your gutters and downspouts, it's pertinent that you take a look at your roof to ensure it's in good condition. While you're there notice cracks, loose shingles, or other signs of a deteriorated roof.  You should also take some time to sweep the roof and clean it up. Do this now before the intense summer sun settles in and it's too hot to attempt it.

Power Wash the Exterior of Your Home

You should also take advantage of the more forgiving weather to do some more maintenance on the exterior of your home. To that end, you should consider power washing the walls of your house. This is because dust can gather on it and make it look dull and unkempt. A power washer and mild detergent will help you eliminate cobwebs, bird droppings, and a lot of other disgusting stuff that could be gathering on the walls.

Don't Forget About Your Fridge

As a final tip, make sure to get your fridge checked out. The fridge is a necessity all year round. But, as the temperature starts rises more and more, you know that it becomes absolutely indispensable. It's crucial that you keep up with your fridge's maintenance so it won't break on you. Check for leaks and inspect the drip pans. Moreover, you need to look at the food you keep in it: throw out everything's that expired to avoid mold growth. Doing so will help you make space for the delicious cold treats for summer.

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