Top Carpet Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Carpets can offer many advantages, but they also require constant maintenance and regular cleaning, and sometimes it can be complicated trying to make sure that it remains in good shape. With spills, dirt, and constant traffic coming in, it can be difficult to keep the carpet clean; but many times, the problem is that we aren't sure what is truly best for our carpet. Is it better to thoroughly vacuum three times a week or to quickly run the vacuum every day? Should you regularly scrub your carpets? Well, today at Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson, we want to briefly discuss a few of these issues and talk about some of the worst carpet cleaning mistakes and how to avoid them.

Avoid Letting a Mess or Spill in Your Carpet Go Unattended

It may seem obvious, but leaving a mess unattended will create a bigger problem. When something spills or a mess is made, it is important to act right away. Picking up a mess or cleaning up a spill will be easier to do if it is done as soon as possible. Carpet fibers tend to absorb quickly and the longer the substance stays there without being removed, the deeper it will penetrate into the carpet. The problem is that sometimes we don't clean up a mess right away (not by choice but because we don't notice it until after a while). In these cases, the best thing to do is to quickly attend the matter and try removing the stain or spill. Do not press down on the mess trying to absorb it with heavy towels, this will only force the substance further down into the carpet fibers. If possible, pick out any solids and carefully scrape up as much of the mess making sure not to press it down further. If it is a more liquid spill, then you should try to blot softly with a light absorbent cloth, working on the spill from the outside to the center, so that the spill doesn't spread.

Do Not Make the Mistake of Ignoring Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the biggest and most detrimental carpet cleaning mistakes you can make is to not have your carpet professionally cleaned as needed. Carpets are regularly in use and suffer constant wear which is why it's necessary that they get additional care and professional maintenance in order for them to stay in good shape and remain in good conditions for longer.  However, not all carpet cleaning services are the same and it is important to choose wisely. Unlike steam cleaning that promotes high levels of moisture that can lead to mold, our Cleanpro cleaning method has no negative side effects and is completely harmless. Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson offers true quality carpet cleaning that is safe and effective. Contact us now, so you can enjoy a clean and renewed carpet today.

Vacuuming Mistakes That You Want to Avoid When Carpet Cleaning

Another common carpet cleaning mistake is inadequate vacuuming. In a previous post, we shared some great vacuuming tips, and if you follow them you can get started on the right track, but it is also important to mention that how often you vacuum matters. When it comes to vacuuming, quality is far better than quantity. It is best to vacuum thoroughly a few times a week than to rush your vacuuming duties every day. In fact, excessive vacuuming can actually wear out the carpet faster, that is why passing the vacuum should be done at a slow and steady pace, making sure that as much dirt and dust is absorbed without having to pass the vacuum over and over. Also, keep in mind that the other extreme is just as bad if not worse. Vacuuming is a highly necessary chore that cannot be avoided, and should be done at least every other day for best results.

Refrain From Roughly Scrapping and Scrubbing When Cleaning the Carpet

In some cases, it may be necessary to include a more thorough carpet cleaning to your carpet care routine. Areas of the carpet that tend to have more soot and are often filthy may require more intense cleaning, and although this may mean scrubbing and vacuuming more often, remember to not over do it. Rough scrubbing wears out the carpet fibers and leaves them more vulnerable to absorb dirt and soot more easily.

The Best Carpet Cleaning System in Tucson

Start caring for your carpet the best way, with the services from Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson. Our advanced cleaning system does not utilize any harsh chemicals rather it uses a highly effective organic formula that leaves your carpet better than new in no time. Call us now at (520) 975-3172 and experience the benefits of our Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning system, today.

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