As we get older, we start to shrink, our hair falls off, and it’s not a pretty sight. Our clothes shrink as well and can get undone if we pull on some lose strings. Well, carpets are made of fibers too, almost hair like, it’s only natural that they can shrink and bald just like us.  Smelly or stained carpets aren’t the only things that should concern you. Tucson Cleanpro in TARGET has some information for you regarding these two awful woes that can plague your carpeting.


Imagine you are vacuuming your living room carpet; surprise, surprise, you find an unattractive bald patch. You can easily cover it with furniture or a small rug, but you know the truth, you carpet is balding. Balding carpets usually happen because of high-traffic. People walking around, grinding whatever bits of dirt and debris back into the carpet fibers, are causing all those bald spots to appear. Crushing those fibers with the dirt makes the carpets deteriorate even faster, it loses its volume and eventually, the fibers diminish too. The other reason for balding carpets, one that you wouldn’t want to even consider, is a pest infestation. This is by no means a reflection on your cleaning habits; it’s really very common. Carpet moths and beetles start laying eggs between all those carpet fibers and start multiplying. Many carpets are made up from natural fibers, something that insects love to eat.  Be extra careful and attentive when you vacuum underneath your furniture, bugs love those dark and moist places.

Preventing Those Bald Patches

You definitely can’t stop people from walking in all those high-traffic areas. What you can do is ask people to clean off their shoes before stepping on the carpet; even better, you could ask them to remove their shoes completely. With these precautions people won’t be dragging even more dirt in. Also, try to avoid walking around bare foot because feet produce oil that can stain the carpet. Regarding the pest infestation, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean your carpets. Carpet cleaning in Tucson is a job for the experts who know which natural and safe products to use to make the insects leave.

Fixing Them

These are preventive measures; if the balding spots are already there, you can patch them up by using a piece of that same rug to fill out that fiber-less spot. Premature carpet balding is not something you want in your home. Look for a quality professional carpet cleaning in Tucson. Call Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson at: (520) 975-3172. Their carpet cleaning system will fix your carpets.


Shrinking doesn’t occur with every type of carpet; it mostly happens in one of these two types: Axminsters and Wiltons. Now, let’s talk about them.
  1. Axminsters Carpets: These carpets have jute backing yarn and an interwoven wool face fiber. Shrinking occurs when jute is left wet, though it doesn’t usually happen.
  2. Wilton Carpets: They have jute backing as well, but they’re made from a polypropylene face fiber. This type of fiber isn’t really absorbent, so liquids seeps through straight into the backing and that’s when the shrinking begins. If you are not sure what type of carpet you have, you carpet cleaning company can tell you.

Why Does Shrinking Occur?

  • Too Much Liquid: at times, carpet cleaning companies will use more soap and water when they are trying to remove a deep set stain. A large amount of water can cause shrinking to happen, even with synthetic materials.
  • Hot Water: just like with laundry, hot water can cause fibers to shrink.
  • Bad Tools: carpet cleaning tools that don’t have enough power aren’t able to suck in enough water. They leave the backing jute wet and susceptible to shrinkage.

What can You Do?

As you know, once something is shrunken it can’t ever go back to how it was, but you can prevent it from happening. If you will take the challenge of cleaning your carpet, make sure you know what materials your are working with and what tools you should be using to clean it. If you don’t want to risk it, hire a professional carpet cleaner, they will surely know what system to use to keep your carpets in top shape.

Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Tucson?

Tucson Cleanpro is just what you need. Their many years of experience and their carpet cleaning knowledge will leave your carpets like new. Their special carpet cleaning system will fix the shrinkage and get rid of those nasty bugs. Call them at: (520) 975-3172 to know more about their services, or to set an appointment for professional carpet cleaning in Tucson.

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