Removing dust in your home will not only make your cleaning chores easier but it will also reduce allergic reactions. Keep in mind that there will always be particles in the environment, however there are many things you can perform to reduce them. For this reason at Cleanpro in Tucson we would like to share useful tips on this topic.

Controlling Dust in Your Home

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your home thoroughly is very important to remove any lingering particles, so make sure to dust, vacuum and clean every living area in your home on a regular basis. Remember that removing your shoes before entering your home can reduce dramatically dust levels. Also, don't forget to clean your upholstery and wash your curtains.

Declutter Your Home

Your clutter also attract dust and you should make sure to store it. Try to identify those items that you rarely use and keep them in a dry and safe area. Keep in mind that this will also make your home look tidy and spacious.

Caulk Doors & Windows

Make sure to caulk doors and windows to prevent any air leaks and control any dust coming from outside. Also, consider installing HEPA filters to trap allergens in your home. Reducing dust in your home is relatively simple and we can't overstate the importance of regular cleaning. Also, it's very easy to neglect the care and maintenance that your carpet requires , just remember that there are certain signs that you should notice, so be sure to read our guide on this topic.

Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Remember that steam cleaning leaves wet carpets for days where bacteria will thrive. That's why at CLEANPRO we use a patented system that uses very little moisture while staying environmentally safe. Consider us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tucson. Call (520) 975-3171 to schedule an estimate.

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