Lingering odors in your home a common problem that it's very easy to overlook, as you and your family are probably used to them. However, these smells will create an untidy and unpleasant environment. For this reason at Cleanpro in Tucson we would like to share useful tips to deodorize your home.

Deodorizing Your Home


There are many common culprits of kitchen odors and simmering citrus peels is a natural and efficient way to get rid of food odors. Don't forget to wash and clean every surface and pay attention to your stove. Also, leave coffee grounds in your refrigerator to remove the moisture odor in your appliance.


Make sure to inspect the toilet, shower head and sink for leaks, as they can lead to mold growth that will not only create a musty smell but can also damage your property. Don't forget to keep the door open and use your exhaust fan to avoid moisture buildup.

Living Areas

Regular cleaning is key to prevent odors and don't forget to declutter every area. Also, pay special attention to your carpets and look out for untreated stains or odors. Fall is finally here and deodorizing your home is a great step towards creating a cozy and warmth environment. Also, be sure to read our guide containing useful tips to prevent dust build up in your home, as these particles can trigger asthma symptoms and other allergies.

Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Keep in mind that it's recommended that you call the professional cleaners at least twice a year and fall is the perfect season to carry out this chore. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tucson, think about CLEANPRO. Our exclusive system encompasses the sciences of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and economics to clean effectively the dirtiest of carpets. Call (520) 975-3172 to schedule a free estimate.

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