Having a pet and a carpet can seem like a recipe for disaster. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Below you'll find a few tips on how you can keep a clean floor and a happy pet all under one roof.

How to Keep Your Carpeted Floors Clean with a Pet at Home

House Train Your Pet

If yours is an indoor pet, then you must train it so it can coexist harmoniously with the rest of the things and people in your home. To that end, make sure it's house trained so it won't pee all over your carpeted floors and scratch them up. Likewise, you may even want to set some boundaries: don't allow them in rooms with the light colored carpet, or don't let them hop on your upholstery. Training them correctly will ensure that you, it, and your carpet will have a happy life.

Brush Them and Clean Them Often

A dirty pet that's not brushed or cleaned can often be a nightmare for your carpeting. This is why you should brush your pet as you see necessary (depending on their fur) and wash them about once a week (again, this can vary from pet to pet). This way, they won't shed as much on your flooring, and they won't get it dirty or stink it up. You can also clean their paws before allowing them back inside after they've been outside.

Vacuum Regularly and Thoroughly

Unless you want to live in a house full of pet fur everywhere, you will have to be regular and thorough during your vacuuming sessions. As mentioned in this post, if you want to lift the most hair and dirt from your floors, you need to vacuum slowly in different directions. Doing it about three times a week will help you prevent dust and hair buildup in your carpeted floors.

Roll and Brush Your Carpeting

Something else you should do if you don't want your carpeting to drown in pet hair is to brush it and roll it. Getting a lint roller and spot cleaning certain areas will allow you to easily pick up any fallout that could be intertwined with your carpeting. You can also get a carpet softener, apply it to your carpeting, and gently brush through your flooring (with a special brush). This way, you'll be able to keep your carpets clean, soft, and fur-free. If the fur situation has gotten out of control in your home, trust that Cleanpro in Tucson can expertly get your floors good as new once more. Their revolutionary cleaning method can guarantee the results you deserve, so call (520) 975-3172 if you require green carpet cleaning in Tucson. 

Deodorize Your Carpeted Floors

As much as you wash your furry friend, they may still stink from time to time. If you want to keep that nasty odor away from your carpeted floors, you will need to deodorize them every so often. To do just that, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on your carpets. Let it sit there absorbing the stink for anywhere between 1 to 12 hours (depending on how smelly your pet is). After the time has passed, vacuum the baking soda away. If it still smells, try this method one more time before deciding to wash your carpets.

Apply a Carpet Protector

Again, sometimes, no matter how much you try to keep your pets clean and trained, they end up getting everything dirty. To prevent those mishaps from leaving a permanent mark on your floors, use a carpet protector that can repel stains and ensure your carpeting will be covered even if your pet gets to it.

Tend to Accidents Immediately and Appropriately

In some cases, pets may pee, poo, or vomit on your carpeting, even if they know not to. If that happens, you should act fast and appropriately. To clean pet urine, follow this method:
  1. Use enough paper towels to absorb most of the urine. If possible, try patting them with your foot gently to get most of it out (do not rub!).
  2. Create a mixture of vinegar and cool water to remove the pee smell and clean your carpeting. Blot the area with more paper towels until you have lifted all of the pee and its smell.
  3. Finally, help your carpeting dry thoroughly (you can blot it or vacuum it) and teach your pet that what it did wasn't right.

For Green Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Cleanpro in Tucson works with an ion exchange process to make your carpeting spotless in a safe and green way (that won't affect your pet). Call (520) 975-3172 if you require professional and green carpet cleaning in Tucson. 

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