How to Remove the Smell of Smoke From Your Carpets

While the smell of food is nice, it's not so nice to find burnt food smoke has permeated your carpet, and if it's other kinds of smoke, like cigarette or pipe, even less so. As a follow-up of this post, we at CleanPro Tucson have prepared some tips that can help you get rid of that stench.

Cigarette or Pipe Smoke

For this you'll need the aid of your vacuum, a large box of baking soda and dried lavender if you want the carpet to have a light scent afterwards. Mix the baking soda with the lavender and liberally sprinkle the affected carpet in its entirety, leaving the area to rest overnight, or at least for 5 hours. After letting the baking soda work, vacuum the carpet and repeat if necessary.

Burnt Food Smoke

For this one you'll need the same materials described before, plus several bowls of distilled white vinegar. After following the same procedure for the cigarette smoke stated above, place the bowls of white vinegar in different points of the room for three to five days to absorb the remnants of smoke odour from the carpet. If you find the smell of vinegar disagreeable, add a few drops of vanilla extract to each bowl to counter it.

Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Sometimes the smell of smoke can linger in the carpet and professional cleaning might be necessary. For this and other cases that require carpet cleaning in Tucson look no further than CleanPro Tucson, where our Ion Exchange Process will leave your carpets beautiful and completely clean. Dial (520) 975-3172 to know more about our services.

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