Going to the pool, dancing in the summer rains, and staying fresh during these hot days can be extremely fun. However, it may also mean that your carpeting will get stained with mud! If this has happened to you recently, don't panic, as here's a post that will help you through it.

How to Clean Mud Off Your Carpeting from the Carpet Cleaning Pros in Tucson

  1. First of all, act fast and grab a spoon to scrape and get rid of the excess mud, so it doesn't harden on your carpeting. Remember to work from the outside in, so you don't accidentally help the mud extend even more in your carpeting. Likewise, do not rub!
  2. This next step is very easy: wait for the mud to dry. If you're a bit impatient because you want to continue with this cleaning process, you can use fans and the AC system to help the affected area dry faster. It also helps if you open windows and doors to allow ventilation in the room.
  3. Once the mud is dry, you will be left with just dirt, which you can easily remove from your carpeting with a vacuum. As you clean the area, be sure to be thorough, and to vacuum in different directions to lift as much dirt as possible.
  4. As for the mud stain left behind, use a mixture of water, vinegar and dishwaship soap, and a clean towel, to blot it off your floors. Be gentle and use repetitive patting motions to lift the stain (do not rub). Keep in mind that you may have to go over this step a few times to be effective.
  5. Finally, make sure you let your carpet dry, so you can prevent mold growing in it. You can use a dry towel to absorb the excess water, and allow air to circulate through the room.

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