Sometimes, people can visit your home with little-to-no warning. If your house is a mess, and you want to tidy up fast for your guests, follow the tips in this post by Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson, AZ.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

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Pick Everything Up

First of all, grab a laundry basket or big plastic bag, and start going through every room in your house. While you're touring the place, grab any misplaced items (clothing, toys, dishes, garbage, etc.), and start putting them in the trash can, washing machine, or in their rightful spot. This is an easy way to make your place tidier fast.

Remove Visible Dust

Dust is a dead giveaway that your place is dirty. Not only that, but it can be very sneaky. That's why it's important to take a few minutes to dust your place. Pay special attention to the spots where dust is visible and noticeable, as they're likely to attract the gaze of your visitors when they're in your home.

Take Care of Details

Of course, it's more important that you take care of the bigger items in your house in order to make everything seem more put together. However, there are some easy-to-fix details that can make a huge difference in how your place looks. For example, if one of your rugs has a folded end, unfold it to give the illusion of a cleaner house.

Spray, Spray, Spray!

It's possible that your home doesn't smell the best. Moreover, it's possible that you don't even notice that it's stinky, all thanks to nose blindness. That's why, the safest thing to do if you'll be having people over soon, is to grab the air freshener and spray it around your house. However, be careful, as going overboard with it can be unpleasant to your guests' noses.

Quickly Vacuum Your Carpeted Floors

Your floors are such a big, statement part of your home, that having dirty floors can make your whole house look disheveled, even if that's not the case. For that reason, you should grab your vacuum and give your carpeted floors a quick run through. This will help remove some dust and filth from them, which can greatly improve their appearance and overall condition.

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Work on the Kitchen

Kitchens can be very dirty places. If you don't clean them on a daily basis, there can be unwashed dishes, organic trash, food leftovers, and other nasty elements in there. If you don't have a way to close off your kitchen to guests, work on the kitchen, fast: take out the garbage, wipe down the counters, and go through at least a few dishes.

Go Over the Bathroom

There's probably no way you can deny your guests access to the bathroom, which is why it is also imperative that you give it a quick spruce up before their arrival. For example, be sure to wipe down every surface in there: mirrors, the sink, the counter, and more. You should also wash the toilet with disinfectant and a toilet brush. Having a dirty bathroom can make your guests very uncomfortable, so get to it!

Restrict the Access to Certain Areas

While you may not be able to keep people from going into your kitchen or the bathroom, there are certain areas in your house that they probably don't need to go into at all. For example, it's likely that they have no business in your bedroom. Use this to your advantage: lock those rooms, don't clean them, and even keep some of your mess in them, so you can focus on cleaning the places your guests will be in.

Stay Calm

Last of all, try to have a chill attitude. It's likely that after running around getting your place ready, you're agitated and sweaty. However, presenting yourself like that to your guests will give them the idea that you have something to hide. Moreover, you should remember that having people you love over, announced or not, is always a good time, so try to enjoy it as much as you can.

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