With the new year comes the feeling of getting a clean slate and the opportunity to do things right. If you’re preparing your resolutions for the next 12 months, keep your carpeted floors in mind. Making a few resolutions regarding them can ensure they’ll have a good year ahead as well. For a few tips on what resolutions you can make if you want clean carpets, continue reading. 

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep a Clean Carpeting 

Clean the Carpet on a Regular Basis 

Allowing dust to build up on your carpeted floors can be problematic, to say the least. This is because those filthy particles (which include bacteria and small bugs) can get into the deep layers of your carpeting, which means they will be harder to remove. For that reason, you should clean your carpeted floors 2 or 3 times a week (no more), to ensure that you’re getting most of the filth out of it. 

Be Thorough When Cleaning Your Floors 

Just running your vacuum cleaner over your carpeted floors until they look clean isn’t enough to strip your carpeting from all of the dust that’s resting in it. That’s why you need to be thorough when vacuuming. This means vacuuming over the same spot slowly, gently, and in different directions, so that you can suck up as much of the dust as possible. Also, remember to vacuum under your furniture, so that all of your floors can be in pristine condition. 

Create Rules Regarding Your Carpet 

If you want to have clean floors during the new year, you need to create certain rules to ensure that happens. For instance, setting a “no shoes inside” rule can help prevent dirt from settling into your carpeting. Likewise, you should keep family members and guests from moving food from one room to another, since they can slip and stain your flooring. Set a few rules like these to protect your carpeting and ensure it stays in good condition this year. 

Tend to Any Spills Fast 

If a mishap occurs in your home and your carpeting suffers because of it, you should make it a point to drop what you’re doing and tend to your floor. Reacting to the stain quickly and appropriately will make it much easier to get off. Using a clean towel and warm water to blot it off will lift much of the spilled substance, so your floors don’t look disgusting because of it. If you wait, however, the stain will set, and it will be a pain to remove. 

Deep Clean Twice a Year 

Something you should remember to do over the course of the year is call a professional team, such as Tucson Cleanpro, to give it a deep clean. This is necessary, since no matter how much you clean your carpeting on your own, there’s a good chance that stains, dust, and certain organisms will dwell in it. To get completely rid of all of those elements that could be ruining your floors, a reliable and experienced team can help you effectively.

Tucson Cleanpro can clean your floors in a safe, green, and professional manner. Their ion exchange carpet cleaning process can deliver the best results. Call 520 975 3172 to learn more about their method, or to request a professional carpet cleaning from the best team in town.  

Protect Your Carpeted Floors 

There are several tactics that you can and should employ if you want your floors to survive the whole year intact. One of them, for example, is to use a carpet protector (you can ask a Cleanpro professional about it) to repel stains and dirt from your carpets. This way, you’ll be able to easily remove any substances that may spill onto your floors. Another method is to place rugs and mats around your floors to keep them protected in a stylish way. 

Enjoy Your Carpet 

As a final resolution, make it a point to actually enjoy your floor. Yes, it is a big commitment to have carpet in your home, but in the end, you’ll get a stylish, soft, and warm floor. Moreover, if you care for it properly, you can bet that it will stay with you in pristine condition for years to come. 

Trust in Tucson Cleanpro for Professional Carpet Cleaning 

If you want your carpet to look and feel good as new, remember that you can count on Tucson Cleanpro to provide a professional carpet cleaning service. Their ion exchange cleaning method can guarantee a spotless and sanitary carpet, with the use of little moisture and no harmful chemicals. Contact them at 520 975 3172 to learn more about their system, or to set an appointment for professional carpet cleaning.

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