To have a sanitary, beautiful, and soft carpet, you should be committed to its cleanliness. However, that can be easier said than done. To help you out in this department, this post will share a schedule you can follow so that your carpets are always looking and smelling great.

How to Follow a Carpet Cleaning Schedule

As Soon as Spills Happen

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you react rapidly and accordingly whenever a substance is spilled on your carpeted floors. As you may be aware, the sooner you get to the stain and start cleaning it, the easier it will be for you to remove it for good. If not, the stain can set, and you will need to work extra hard. Before you begin working on the spill, however, you should analyze what the substance is and choose the right tools to clean it off to protect your carpet's fibers. Neglecting this can do more damage than good, so be careful!

On a Daily Basis

Now, you may know that vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis can actually be bad for them since they may end up getting damaged and become loose from the excessive pulling. Still, you should make an effort to vacuum on a daily basis to make this cleaning task less overwhelming. What you can do is divide the carpeted rooms in your home and designate one room for each day of the week. For instance, you can clean the living room on Mondays, your bedroom on Tuesdays, and so on. This will help you take care of each carpet without feeling overwhelmed and without overdoing it.

Every Week

As suggested in the paragraph above, you should designate at least one day each week to vacuum each of the carpeted rooms at home (if possible, vacuum each room twice a week to keep it really clean). Needless to say, this needs to be done every single week, lest you want dust to build up on your floors. When you do go over your carpets, you should remember to be thorough: vacuum slowly and gently over the same spot in different directions to ensure that you're getting as much of the dust off the floors.If no matter how much you vacuum, you notice that your floors are still full of dirt and dust, call a professional carpet cleaning team who can deep clean them and leave them good as new. Know that you can count on Tucson Cleanpro for the job. Contact them at 520.975.3172 if you require green carpet cleaning in Tucson. 

Once a Month

It's a good idea to make an extra effort at least once a month to give your floors a more thorough clean than usual. For example, you can try moving the couches and other furniture around so that you can take care of the carpeted floors underneath them. Believe it or not, those areas get dirty too, even if they're not as exposed or stepped on as others. Likewise, make it a point to use the different attachments available for your vacuum to really reach the corners and other trickier areas around the room.

At Least Once a Year

Finally, it's highly suggested that you have a professional carpet cleaning company work on your floors at least once a year. This is because, even if you're diligent with your carpet's cleaning schedule, it will probably still have trapped dirt, odors, stains, and microorganisms in it. Experts can work on it, strip it from all of those nasty things, and make it flawless and sanitary once more. Not only that but giving your carpet this extra care can actually extend its lifespan.

Trust in Tucson Cleanpro for Green Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Remember that you can count on Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson to be an experienced and reliable helping hand when you want your floors to be spotless once more. Call 520.975.3172 to book an appointment for green carpet cleaning in Tucson with the best team in town.

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