Mold growth in your home can mean big trouble for your and your family's health. To ensure this pesky fungus isn't dwelling in your carpeted floors, follow the tips mentioned in this post.

How to Identify Carpet Mold

Nose bleeds, dermatitis, respiratory problems, sore throat, and other ailments can all be caused by the presence of toxic black mold in a house, according to Mold Blogger. That's why it's important that you know if your house has become a breeding ground for this pesky fungus, so you can then find ways to eradicate the threat. For that reason, in this post, you'll learn tips on how you can learn if your carpet is growing mold.

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Use Your Eyes

Your eyes will be very valuable organs in this case, as they're likely to be the first that will help you determine if you have carpet mold. Look around the carpeted floors in your house, and if you see discoloration, water rings, black and green stains, and rusted carpet tacks, you may be dealing with mold development at home.

Use Your Nose

Your nose and your sense of smell can also be a key player in finding carpet mold. To employ them correctly, take some deep breaths in your house. If you can sense that the air smells of rotten eggs, it may be because you have mold. If you're suffering from a case of nose blindness at home, call in a third party to help you detect any signs of moldy odors.

Use Your Hands

It's time for your hands and your sense of touch to get a turn at identifying carpet mold in your household. To know if your carpet has mold simply by touching it, you just have to notice if it's damp or wet. As you know, mold loves moisture, which is why it's safe to say that where there's humidity, there's mold.

Be Careful with High Humidity Areas

Mold is particularly fond of small, unventilated spaces that are moist, which is why it's not uncommon to find it in the bathroom, in the attic, or in the basement. If you've installed a carpet in these places, you need to be especially wary of them, as you can almost be certain that carpet mold will be present there.

Think About Past Household Issues

More often than not, carpet mold is just a symptom of other issues that have been going on or that happened in your house. For example, if you had a flood, or if one of your pipes leak, and you haven't taken proper care of the problem, it's much more probable that there will be carpet mold in your household.

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Notice Your Home's Moisture Levels

Noticing your home's moisture levels can also give you a clue as to if you're experiencing a mold problem. This is because, once again, mold needs moisture in order to grow and develop. So, needless to say, a home with high moisture levels is more likely to have carpet mold. Examine and lower the humidity at home to avoid mold growth.

Take Note of Your Family's Health

As mentioned above, mold can bring with it a slew of health problems, most common allergies and other respiratory problems. That's why, if you notice that you and/or your family are getting sick more frequently than usual, or have allergies that you can't shake off, it may be because there's mold in your carpet or home.

Inspect for Mold Under the Carpet

If you're over feeling the carpet's dampness and looking for spots, and want more definite answers, you will have to inspect under the superficial layer of the carpeting. To do so, unfasten the tacks that hold the carpet down and peel the fabric back. If you see mold in the padding underneath, there's your answer!

Use a Mold Testing Kit

Finally, if you want to confirm your suspicions regarding the presence of carpet mold in your home, you can purchase a mold testing kit (order one online or see if you can find it in a supermarket). After following its instructions, you'll be able to know for sure if there's too much mold lurking around in your home.

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