You put a lot of effort, time, and money into creating the right ambiance and having the perfect style in your home. Because of this, you surely want to keep everything in mint condition, so that your house can continue to look flawless. To that end, follow the tips below so you can keep your upholstery spotless and impeccable.

How to Keep Your Furniture in Mint Condition with Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

Spray Your Upholstery to Keep It Protected

Your upholstery is in constant risk of getting stained by food, liquids, dirt, and many other filthy substances that could come into contact with it. However, while spills on your furniture are a strong possibility regardless of how careful you are, there's one thing you can do to ensure those mishaps don't leave a mark on your upholstery: use stain repellents. At Cleanpro, we have a powerful and professional Upholstery Protector that you can spray on your furniture to keep it safe from stains, and looking spotless for months at a time.

Don’t Do Messy Things Near Your Upholstery

Imagine this scenario: you come from your work, and as a way to relax, you decide to sit on the couch, drink some red wine, and turn on some music. Before you know it, your relaxation time becomes stressful because you have spilled your drink all over your couch (which, incidentally, creates one of the most difficult stains to remove)! That's why, if you want to keep your furniture clean, you should avoid getting into potentially messy situations with it. Instead, try your best to care for your upholstery and avoid getting it dirty in the first place.

Keep Your Pets Off Your Upholstery

If you have pets, you surely love them, and you want them to be comfortable in your house, as well as pet them, snuggle with them, and more. However, if you allow them to sleep on your sofa, you can bet that it will get damaged from it. This is because our cats and dogs have a tendency to shed their fur, which means that all of those hair strands will end up on your upholstery. Moreover, their fur gathers all kinds of dust, dirt, and filth, that could end up staining and ruining your couches and chairs.

Put Your Shoes Down!

After a long day of working, walking around town, running errands, and going from place to place, it's probable that all that you want to do is put your feet up and rest for a little bit. However, as you may imagine, your shoes tend to pick up germs, dust, and other disgusting filth that will make their way to your upholstery and get it dirty and unsanitary. For that reason, it's very important that you don't put your shoes on your upholstery. If you're feeling tired and want to rest your feet, be sure to take your shoes off first. Trust that Cleanpro in Tucson can eliminate any stain, foul odor, and unwanted microorganism that could be in your upholstery and carpeting with their revolutionary cleaning system. Call (520) 975-3172 for upholstery and carpet cleaning in Tucson.

Use Throws, Blankets, and Cushions on Your Upholstery

Do you want to know an easy way to keep your upholstery neat while also making your home seem cozier and more put-together? Then you should try using decorative throws, blankets, and cushions on your furniture. Using these can keep your upholstery protected and free from situations that may get it filthy. Furthermore, since you can clean them by just throwing them in the washing machine, you won't have to worry if something spills on them.

Keep the Upholstery as Clean as Possible

Finally, to have perfectly maintained upholstery, you will need to clean it every once in a while. For instance, vacuuming it thoroughly at least once a week will help you get rid of any dust and prevent filth accumulation. Brushing it regularly will keep its material smooth, soft, and free of any hairs. Another thing to consider is that you should react rapidly and accordingly when something spills on your upholstery, so you can avoid stains as much as you can.

Call Cleanpro if You Need Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

The cleaning system that Cleanpro in Tucson use can guarantee that all of your upholstery and carpeting will be spotless after their visit. Moreover, their methods do not use harsh chemicals, which make them safe for you and the environment. Call (520) 975-3172 if you're in need of professional upholstery and carpet cleaning in Tucson.

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