Mold can harm your family's health, your stuff, and your home. To keep it at bay, you need to know where to look for it. For tips on the matter, read this post by Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson, AZ.

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Where to Find Mold in Your Home

On Your Window Sills

First and foremost, you need to understand that mold loves humidity and that it needs it in order to thrive, develop, grow, and completely infest your home (as you probably already know). So, basically, this post is about searching for places in your home where humidity accumulates with regularity. Think about when there's a difference in the temperature outside and inside of your house. What happens? Condensation on your windows happens (i.e. humidity). This means that your window sills are very much prone to being a hot spot for the fungus to fester in. To keep mold at bay in your windows, make sure that they remain as dry as possible and clean them thoroughly to eliminate it safely.

On Walls and Wallpaper

Somewhere you may not think to look for mold infestation in your home is on your walls and on your wallpaper. Still, it can make a lot of sense if you do stop to think about it. For one, if you know your plumbing system passes behind the walls in your home, it's not too daring to expect some mold to be growing on them. More so if your home has some cracks on the walls and roof through which moisture can get in, mold will probably make an appearance sooner or later. Pay attention to the first signs of trouble and fix any leaks, cracks, gaps on your walls, roofs, floors, and more to avoid mold development.

On Your Carpeted Floors

Having carpeted floors can do a lot for you: they can keep your home warm, soften the blow if you ever fall, add design and style to your decor, and much more. However, they may also be more prone to mold growth if you aren't careful with them. That's why, you should clean them on a regular basis to get rid of traces of mold. If an area of your carpeting gets wet for some reason, you should allow it to dry thoroughly before you re-utilize the area. This will ensure it won't become the perfect environment for mold to thrive in.

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On Your Basement and Attic

As you can probably imagine (or have experienced in the past), areas that aren't properly ventilated tend to accumulate a lot of moisture in them. The poor air circulation doesn't allow the humidity levels in the space to lower effectively. That's why your basement and attic are some of the most vulnerable rooms in your home. To reduce the possibility of mold growing on them, it is imperative that you inspect them every so often. Keep the place properly clean, ventilate the spaces whenever you can, and fix any problems that could result in mold growth (such as leaks).

On the Shower Curtains

If you already know that the pesky mold fungus loves moisture, then it's no wonder that it has a field day in your bathroom. Water is especially present in there (from the shower, to the toilet, to the sink, and more). To keep mold away, you should repair leaks, clogged drains, and keep the place aired, dry, and clean. One spot you may forget to look at, however, is the shower curtain. After you shower, you may fold it up and allow the water droplets to remain in them, increasing the chances of mold developing in there. For that reason, after you shower, you should dry them, extend them, and help them stay ventilated.

The Fridge's Drip Pans

As a final tip, it's important that you look inside your refrigerator for signs of mold development. You may think that the mold you find in your fridge will come from fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food that has gone bad. Still, you'd be surprise to know that your fridge's drip pans may also be at risk. You may forget to inspect them and clean them regularly. But being neglectful can result in disastrous consequences for your food and your family's health. Keep the fridge pans in mind to avoid less-than-ideal situations.

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