Extending your carpet's life expectancy will save you troubles and makes financial sense. For tips on how you can make that happen, read this post by Tucson Cleanpro in Tucson, AZ.

How to Extend Your Carpet's Lifespan

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Establish Rules Regarding Your Carpet

For starters, if you want your carpeting to remain in mint condition for longer, you need to ensure that your family members are all working towards that goal. For that reason, you need to establish rules in your household regarding your carpeted floors. For example, it's a good idea to have people who enter your home take off their shoes before they step on the carpet. This is because you carry around countless germs, dirt, filth, gunk, and other nastiness on your shoes' soles. This means that when you step on the carpet with them on, you drag them all in and deposit them on the floors. To keep your floors sanitary and flawless, you need to ask family members and visitors to take their shoes off when in the house. If you have pets in your home, you will also need to establish other rules regarding them. For example, they need to be cleaned with regularity if they're going to be inside the house. They should also be potty trained to avoid any dirty mishaps. Another rule to follow should be to avoid eating food in rooms that aren't the kitchen or the dining room. This is because it is far more likely that spills will take place if you do.

Be Quick to Clean Spills

Accidents happen all of the time. This means that you should absolutely expect spills to happen on your carpeted floors at some point or another. However, if you want to guarantee your carpets will make it through those mishaps, you need to act fast and properly in order to keep stains from having a lasting effect on them. For starters, if there's excess of the substance spilled, you need to grab a spoon and carefully remove it to avoid spreading it further. Then, use a tiny bit of warm water and a clean cloth to blot the area and lift as much of the spill as possible. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stain off, as that will only allow the substance to penetrate the inner padding of the carpeting.

Get It Professionally Deep Cleaned

You can set a lot of rules for your carpeting's use. You can be diligent with your floors' cleanliness. You can tend to spills quickly. Even then, you will still need to call a professional team such as Tucson Cleanpro to get it deep cleaned. They work with a unique carpet cleaning system that uses little moisture. This means that they will deep clean your carpeting (stripping it from nasty beings, stains, smells, and more) and make it good as new, all without harmful chemicals. This makes Cleanpro a safe, green, and effective cleaning method for your carpeted floors.

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Vacuum It Regularly

If you have carpeted floors in your home, you likely have a vacuum cleaner somewhere in there. The thing is that you need to use said vacuum cleaner on your carpeting with regularity if you want them to remain in perfect condition for longer. To that end, you need to vacuum your carpeting at the very least once a week (know that overdoing it can be detrimental, too). When you go over your flooring, you need to be deliberate, slow, and thorough, so you can lift the most dust from it. Once a month, it is even suggested that you move furniture around so you can vacuum under it.

Protect Your Carpeting

As a last tip, try your best to keep your carpeted floors protected. To that end, you need to firstly use a stain repellent that can keep stains from becoming a permanent annoyance on your floors. You can also cover the high traffic areas in your home (like the hallway) with rugs to keep them from getting damaged. Another tip is to change up the furniture around after some time. This way, you can direct traffic in your home into other areas, so your carpeting can 'rest'.

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