Carpets are a common staple in many households. Still, they sometimes are unfairly given a bad reputation. They feel great and cushiony under your feet, they help regulate the temperature at home, soften falls…what is not to love? Just in case, Tucson Cleanpro, brings you this list of debunked myths about carpets, to help you change those bad ideas you may have about carpets.

Myth # 1: If I Have Allergies, I Shouldn’t Have a Carpet

Carpets trap most common allergens and they stay there until you vacuum and stir up all those particles. Technically, carpets help people with allergies by immobilizing the allergens and keeping them from floating around in the air. When you do vacuum, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with and HEPA air filter. This type of filter traps tiny particles and allergens that other vacuum may allow to pass through.

Myth # 2: Carpets are Boring and Outdated

No! There are hundreds of carpeting options for you to choose! They come in many materials, textures, patterns, colors, and quality. No one said you had to have wall to wall carpeting; you can always mix it up with hardwood floors.

Myth # 3: Carpet is Bad for the Environment

There are many eco-friendly options on the market for environmentally conscious consumers. Nylon carpets can be recycled to make new fibers for new carpets

Myth # 4: Carpets Will Never Be Truly Clean

This is partially true, but it would be so as well for any other surface or type of floor. You can keep it as clean as you can, and you can hire professionals to do a better job than you possible could, but it won’t be 100% germ free…neither will any other flooring, though. If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaners in Tucson, look no more. Simply give the experts at Tucson Cleanpro a call at: (520) 975-3172. They will use the best carpet cleaning system in Tucson to keep your carpets in top shape.

Myth # 5: Carpets are Hard to Maintain

Carpet, like anything else in your home, can last a long time with the proper care and cleaning. Carpet cleaning isn’t a hard task, just vacuum it a few times a week before any dirt particles pile between the fibers, dry it quickly when there is a spill, and have it professionally cleaned once a year. There is really nothing complicated to it. Sure, some types of carpet require a different, more delicate kind of care, but it’s still pretty much straight forward.

Myth # 6: Carpet Has Formaldehyde in It

Manufacturers stopped using formaldehyde before 1978 and even then, it was only a small amount. If by any chance you happen to have an almost 40 year old carpet around, any formaldehyde in it is long gone.

Myth # 7: Mold and Mildew Can Grow on Your Carpet

This is partially true; mold and mildew grow on moist and dirty environments. If they happen to appear on your carpet, the cause is moisture, and unless there is a house flood, it is unlikely to happen. You do have to be cautious and careful, always dry spills completely as soon as they happen. If there is no moisture, there is no mold.

Myth # 8: Latex in the Carpet Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Latex is use on the carpet backing to hold the fibers together and it is completely synthetic. Synthetic latex does not cause allergies.

Myth # 9: My Carpet is Ruined Because Of Pet Odor

Don’t throw it out just yet, pet odor is a common occurrence in pet owning households and totally fixable. Carpets can be treated with an enzyme-based odor product to neutralize the smell and remove any stain left behind. You can buy these products at a store or you could try making a mix of white vinegar and water instead. Just spritz it in the affected area and dry it with a paper towel.

Myth # 10: There is No Need for Professional Cleaning, I have a Vacuum

You may have a commercial vacuum and it probably works for weekly cleanings, but its power will never be the same as a professional one. If you consider renting one and you are not completely sure of how to use it, you might end up hurting your carpet even more. Maybe you’ll leave it moist and vulnerable to mold because it didn’t dry properly. Leave the job to the pros.

For Professional Carpet Cleaning in Tucson

The secret to a long carpet life is cleaning and proper care. Who better at carpet cleaning than Tucson Cleanpro? No one! Call them at (520) 975-3172. Using their ion technology, they will make your carpets look like new. If you have any questions about the best carpet cleaning system in Tucson, don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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